Tuesday, January 8, 2013

1 + 1 = 3

We were so excited to tell our friends and family about Baby and I wanted a fun, unique way to tell them. I have a friend who has a photography business, so I contacted her and asked her if she would take some photos for us. This is the photo we used to tell our families...

We put them in an 8 x 10 frame, wrapped them in a box and handed it to our family to open. It was so fun, and nerve wracking, to see their faces. We knew everyone would be beyond happy and excited for us, but I was still so nervous I could have screamed...especially with my parents. My mom was actually hilarious and kind of didn't understand it at first, haha. She was looking at it for a minute and then my dad looked up at us and said, "So you're pregnant?" Once I said, "yep" my mom freaked out...in a good way! It was just too funny that she didn't really get it at first : ) She has been waiting so long for us to decide to have kids that she kind of thought we were messing with her and joking at first...like I would ever be THAT mean?!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Must Have Monday: Cloth Diapers

We are planning on cloth diapering Baby so a Must Have Monday: Cloth Diapers is fitting : )
I can't wait to pick some of these up!

Owls one size pocket diaper by BabyRooSlings

cloth diaper cover by ZooKiecrafts

Newborn organic cloth diaper by browncowcotton

Fitted organic cloth diaper by PoppyFields Shop

One size AI2 by WeePeaOriginals

Small fitted diaper by henandchickcloth

Snap or velcro one size by GreenBeansDiapers

Fitted flannel by handsewnbyme

It's been too long...

So much has happened since the last time I wrote! I have been so busy lately with both jobs and the new house...not even the one we were originally planning to buy...long story there. I'll leave that one for another day! The BIG announcement I want to make today is...


We are actually VERY pregnant...due April 10th actually! SO EXCITED!! 
Not long after getting that WONDERFUL result on the test we went out to eat and Bob and I both got this in our fortune cookies: 
How perfect?!?! 

We are not finding out if Baby is a boy or girl. I love the idea of being surprised : ) We have picked out names for both genders in preparation...
Boy: Lincoln Avery, calling him Linc for short
Girl: Lumen Nova, calling her LuLu or Lu for short
I can't wait to find out if we'll have a little baby LuLu or a little Linc around the house! 

I'll have more to share later, but I just wanted to write quick and share our exciting news!