Saturday, February 27, 2010

For a pretty kitty....hansome one too!!!

For those of us who do not have children, our pets become our kids.
Bob and I totally fit that!
Mostly me, because I'm just a cooky cat lady these days.
(with only 1 cat though, instead of 30.)
I say that because I spoil our cat like she's a child...
  • She has more toys than China has rice! Some of which are store bought, but most are homemade though.
  • She is now the proud owner of a motorized water dish.
  • She eats only all natural holistic food.
  • She has at least 3 or 4 blankets to call her own, which are scattered around the house on her favorite spots to lay on.
  • She owns her own personal small tent! (Thank you Vic! She loves it! It stores her toys beautifully when she's not using them.)
  • She has a cat tree that extends 8 ft tall

(Pretty sure there's more that I can't think of right now...I'm sure Vic will remind me of other ways this lil girl is spoiled!)

AND thanks to this wonderful lady, Gidge is always sporting an amazing cute collar!

Kristen's Cat Beds is the perfect place to find an amazing collar for your favorite feline friend! She has so many adorable styles and AMAZING prices! The quality is great too! She also has kitten collars, cat beds, blankets, toys, charms for collars and purses for cat lovers! You should go check her site out and acceessorize your pretty kitty or hansome cat!

(no, she did not ask me to post this or pay me to...I just fully believe she has a great thing going on!)

The first one I purchased from her was this tie dye collar...

I took the bell off and replaced it with a peace sign charm from a necklace. She gets so many compliments on it!

This is what she's sporting right now until St. Patrick's Day is over, we just received it the other day...

I searched Walmart, Target and Michael's the other day looking for a four-leaf clover to replace this bell such luck! How strange is that?! I've got a few other places to hit up next time I'm out and about, hopefully I can find one for her! Right now, she's accessorized with a 'G' charm on this collar.

I already know that I will be purchasing the cute carrot collar she has for Gidgey for Easter! : )

So, a while back, I turned in a resume
and application for a job back in our hometown.
I did this because it is a good paying job and it would be good in case we did have to move back there for the job Bob was trying to get.

Tuesday I received a message from a lady at the company.
I called her back and left a message.
Wednesday she called and left me a message.
I called her back, left another msg.
This little game of phone tag continued until Thursday morning.
I finally talked to her when she called Thursday morning.
Yay phone interview!
She then told me they would send me the links to take the
2 assessment tests I needed to complete via email.

I received the email Friday morning...
I started taking the basic can-you-navigate-a-computer-test...
at one point I must have hit a wrong button or something and
it seemed as if it skipped a question or two.
Oh crap!
This was they type of test with no "back" button
and no re-entry if you exit.
I continued the test until the end and then the screen says "this session has ended"
I immediately think "OH NO!!! There was supposed to be two!!
Did I fail so miserably that I don't even get to do the second test?!"
At this point, I'm panicking.
Freaking out.
Angry with myself.
How could you be so dumb?!
How could you not pass this SIMPLE test?!

I calm down barely enough to call the lady I had
spoken to the day before and leave her a message explaining the possible
skipped questions begging
asking for a second chance to take the test.
She calls me back 5 minutes later and explains to me that
I'm stupid the tests come in separate emails.
I jump for joy calmly say thank you and hang up.

I get the second email about 10 minutes after that conversation.
I take the test and feel relieved that all I have to do now is wait
for the phone to ring in a few days.
30-45 minutes after I finished the test, the phone rings...
it's a different lady from the company asking me for an interview on Monday!
: D
I make my appointment for my interview...Monday @ 3pm.
I can't wait to tell you how the interview went!
About and hour after that...the phone rings again, it's a phone call for Bob this time.
It's someone from the company he took the assessment test with, asking
him to come in for an interview on Wednesday!!!

Yesterday was a great day for Bob and I, as you can tell.
We both scheduled interviews for jobs we are both really hoping to get.
We then celebrated by both of us going to work!

New machine!

Since the old machine punked out on me,
I hadn't been able to do any sewing.
I was so sad!

However, my mother is amazing and she found a used machine
that her and my father decided to give to me as an early birthday gift!

Here she is...

(not the best was getting dark in the living room [only one window in there and it faces our neighbors house]and I was getting impatient with the pictures not turning out well)

Isn't she purdy?!

Singer Quantum XL-1

She's a lil old, but she's amazing! So many options! There are TONS of stitches, letter, numbers, pictures, etc. it can do! 208 options to be exact!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

I posted some new pics at the orange room.
to better display my products...
What do you think?!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Bob was bottling up some homemade beer the other day.
Before you know it, this is what we saw...

(Don't mind the shaved belly...she was just spayed.)

...lots of Gidgey posts lately!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Do you remember her?
...she's broken.
She was old, it was her time.
She had a great run though!

It's a tension problem aka pretty spendy to fix.
Might as well get a shiny new one right?!
My aunt told me I wasn't allowed
to buy the Brother machine I wanted.
(she's big into sewing and wants me to get one that is built well)
I'm borrowing her old one!!! : )
It's a Husqvarna!
(I guess that means it's really good, haha.)
I'm so excited to get it, I've been really motivated to sew lately.
Of course this motivation would come when my machine poops out!

So once I get the "new" one
I'll be able to unveil my red, black and white scarf
At 7:27 this morning we picked Gidgey up!!!
It's amazing how much we missed her
even though she was only gone for 23 1/2 hours!
The apartment was just way too calm and quiet without her!

Here she is taking a quick cat nap right after we got her home. Don't mind the camera phone picture!

One would think she would have been calm and sleepy all day today...Nope, not our gidgey! She's trying to climb her cat tree, play with the dog, play with her toys and run around the house.

Luckily, she's napping again.
We don't have to worry about stitches being ripped out at the moment.

Monday, February 15, 2010

At 7:52 this morning, we dropped Gidgey off to be spayed : (
Poor lil girl...and poor people who have to try to touch her!
One of the vet techs (or whatever they're called)
put a finger up to her carrier and said hi.
What did our sweet lil girl do???
She hissed, of course!
We had just explained to the check in lady how Gidge isn't very good around strangers.
So, this didn't shock them too much when she hissed;
but as a kitty parent, it's not a good feeling to witness her unfriendliness.

(here she's smashing her face against her carrier trying to escape)

Good luck Gidgey (and everyone there)!

See you tomorrow!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

My valentine and me

Saturday, February 13, 2010

New items!

I added a few new things
to the orange room. today!
Go take a peek! : )

Bob had an assessment test yesterday for a job in his field of education. I'm being pulled in two different directions with my emotions about this. On one hand, I would love for him to get the pays well and he's really excited to actually be able to use his knowledge he gained in college. On the other hand...that would mean we would have to move back to our home town area...BLECH! The thought of moving back there makes me want to scream. It's a small town and everybody knows everybody. Which means, everybody knows everybody's business, ugh. I just don't want to be back there! For now, I'm just trying not to think about it! : )

The test was in a town over an hour away from here...I went up with him and did some shopping while he was testing. I went to JoAnn and instantly fell in love with their fabric selection! I'm used to Hancock and JoAnn has more of my taste in fabric. I like the big chunky designs and the funky stuff....Hancock seems to have a lot of small print and what I call "grandma" prints, haha.

I was able to find fabric for a green and brown scarf within minutes of being in the store! It was so amazing!!! At Hancock I'm usually there for quite some time searching for enough coordinating fabrics that I like together. It was so nice to find so many things that I loved...if only I could have purchased them all!!!

I have finished one scarf tonight (you bet your butt I'll be wearing it tomorrow!) and have three others that simply need to be top stitched to be completed. I cannot wait to show you a picture of it tomorrow! ...I would take a picture now, but I would prefer to wait until day time to get better lighting.

I am hoping to hit up Hancock (yay coupon!!) tomorrow to pick up another round of fabrics for another color scarf! I love them so much...I seem to wear one every other day these days!
Well, it is 2:30am and I should get my behind to bed!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Just loungin'

This was just too cute not to show off...cute lil kitty!

Monday, February 8, 2010


What do you get when you mix black beans, onion, green pepper, a lil red pepper, corn, tomato, cumin, salt and pepper??


Served on top of white rice with salsa and sour cream : )


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Yea, I know I've been slacking on the blogging! To be honest, I just haven't known what to blog about! I haven't really done anything interesting lately : ( no projects, no exciting new fabric to show off, no pictures, nothing!

I helped out at the tuxedo rental place I used to work at a few days last week. They had a family emergency and needed some help...da da daaaa!!!!
Lacy to the rescue! Haha!

You may not know this but I have been unemployed for...well, we'll just say a while. The few days of working last week made me realize I actually miss working. It's soooo easy to get caught up in the laziness of unemployment and it is nice to not work, but I miss the interaction with people! I miss socializing regularly! I was socially awkward to begin with and I think unemployment has made it worse! I have very limited interaction with people I don't know now, mainly just friends and family. When I'm at work, chatting and being outgoing seems so much easier. It's like its part of the job and its a requirement, haha.

I'm really excited about having worked a few days and possibly being able to get a few days next week as well...fabric money! Woo!!! I haven't been able to buy any lately as I spent all my "fun" money for last week during the week before, haha. Darn it!

I thinking working as given me more motivation to do stuff around the house as well. It just makes it seem easier to do stuff around the house when I've already been working. I've gotten so lazy these days it's not even funny, just ask Bob! He's been great and has been taking care of a lot of the stuff around the house. I'm surprised he hasn't dumped my butt yet, haha.

And on that note...I need to go do some dishes!
I hope to have more exciting things to blog about next week!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Next up...

So, I've been thinking and I have a few ideas
for new products for the orange room.
I'm thinking...reusable snack/sandwich bags and lunch bags!
I would also like to make some make up/toiletry bags.

I am thinking the make up bags will come first, as I am having a hard time finding out if there is truly a food safe waterproof fabric out there...I have an email in to the info people at the FDA.

I'm hoping I will be able to show you a sample make up bag Thursday!

PS...I added a few pairs of earrings to my shop!
Go check 'em out! : )