Saturday, February 27, 2010

New machine!

Since the old machine punked out on me,
I hadn't been able to do any sewing.
I was so sad!

However, my mother is amazing and she found a used machine
that her and my father decided to give to me as an early birthday gift!

Here she is...

(not the best was getting dark in the living room [only one window in there and it faces our neighbors house]and I was getting impatient with the pictures not turning out well)

Isn't she purdy?!

Singer Quantum XL-1

She's a lil old, but she's amazing! So many options! There are TONS of stitches, letter, numbers, pictures, etc. it can do! 208 options to be exact!

1 comment:

Lia said...

How nice, you could do a stitch a day and still have time for the weekends lol.

I am desperate for an over locker, but Francis might just kill me if I ask for yet another machine lol.
Seriously though that is a nice machine and I hope you get the hang of it very soon.

Much love