Saturday, February 27, 2010

So, a while back, I turned in a resume
and application for a job back in our hometown.
I did this because it is a good paying job and it would be good in case we did have to move back there for the job Bob was trying to get.

Tuesday I received a message from a lady at the company.
I called her back and left a message.
Wednesday she called and left me a message.
I called her back, left another msg.
This little game of phone tag continued until Thursday morning.
I finally talked to her when she called Thursday morning.
Yay phone interview!
She then told me they would send me the links to take the
2 assessment tests I needed to complete via email.

I received the email Friday morning...
I started taking the basic can-you-navigate-a-computer-test...
at one point I must have hit a wrong button or something and
it seemed as if it skipped a question or two.
Oh crap!
This was they type of test with no "back" button
and no re-entry if you exit.
I continued the test until the end and then the screen says "this session has ended"
I immediately think "OH NO!!! There was supposed to be two!!
Did I fail so miserably that I don't even get to do the second test?!"
At this point, I'm panicking.
Freaking out.
Angry with myself.
How could you be so dumb?!
How could you not pass this SIMPLE test?!

I calm down barely enough to call the lady I had
spoken to the day before and leave her a message explaining the possible
skipped questions begging
asking for a second chance to take the test.
She calls me back 5 minutes later and explains to me that
I'm stupid the tests come in separate emails.
I jump for joy calmly say thank you and hang up.

I get the second email about 10 minutes after that conversation.
I take the test and feel relieved that all I have to do now is wait
for the phone to ring in a few days.
30-45 minutes after I finished the test, the phone rings...
it's a different lady from the company asking me for an interview on Monday!
: D
I make my appointment for my interview...Monday @ 3pm.
I can't wait to tell you how the interview went!
About and hour after that...the phone rings again, it's a phone call for Bob this time.
It's someone from the company he took the assessment test with, asking
him to come in for an interview on Wednesday!!!

Yesterday was a great day for Bob and I, as you can tell.
We both scheduled interviews for jobs we are both really hoping to get.
We then celebrated by both of us going to work!

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Lia said...

Yay for you and Bob.
I will be keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you both.
Oh what an exciting time for you both, I really hope you get what you both want.
You must let us know as soon as you know or I might burst with the not knowing.
Good luck.
Much love