Saturday, February 27, 2010

For a pretty kitty....hansome one too!!!

For those of us who do not have children, our pets become our kids.
Bob and I totally fit that!
Mostly me, because I'm just a cooky cat lady these days.
(with only 1 cat though, instead of 30.)
I say that because I spoil our cat like she's a child...
  • She has more toys than China has rice! Some of which are store bought, but most are homemade though.
  • She is now the proud owner of a motorized water dish.
  • She eats only all natural holistic food.
  • She has at least 3 or 4 blankets to call her own, which are scattered around the house on her favorite spots to lay on.
  • She owns her own personal small tent! (Thank you Vic! She loves it! It stores her toys beautifully when she's not using them.)
  • She has a cat tree that extends 8 ft tall

(Pretty sure there's more that I can't think of right now...I'm sure Vic will remind me of other ways this lil girl is spoiled!)

AND thanks to this wonderful lady, Gidge is always sporting an amazing cute collar!

Kristen's Cat Beds is the perfect place to find an amazing collar for your favorite feline friend! She has so many adorable styles and AMAZING prices! The quality is great too! She also has kitten collars, cat beds, blankets, toys, charms for collars and purses for cat lovers! You should go check her site out and acceessorize your pretty kitty or hansome cat!

(no, she did not ask me to post this or pay me to...I just fully believe she has a great thing going on!)

The first one I purchased from her was this tie dye collar...

I took the bell off and replaced it with a peace sign charm from a necklace. She gets so many compliments on it!

This is what she's sporting right now until St. Patrick's Day is over, we just received it the other day...

I searched Walmart, Target and Michael's the other day looking for a four-leaf clover to replace this bell such luck! How strange is that?! I've got a few other places to hit up next time I'm out and about, hopefully I can find one for her! Right now, she's accessorized with a 'G' charm on this collar.

I already know that I will be purchasing the cute carrot collar she has for Gidgey for Easter! : )

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Ms Sparrow said...

Your kitty must have all sorts of fun with you!
I hope she appreciates you. It sounds like she gets more stuff than my four cats combined--and they don't lack for anything.