Tuesday, February 16, 2010

At 7:27 this morning we picked Gidgey up!!!
It's amazing how much we missed her
even though she was only gone for 23 1/2 hours!
The apartment was just way too calm and quiet without her!

Here she is taking a quick cat nap right after we got her home. Don't mind the camera phone picture!

One would think she would have been calm and sleepy all day today...Nope, not our gidgey! She's trying to climb her cat tree, play with the dog, play with her toys and run around the house.

Luckily, she's napping again.
We don't have to worry about stitches being ripped out at the moment.

1 comment:

Lia said...

See, I told you she would be fine and home up to her tricks in no time.
Bless, I am glad it went well for her as I know how much she means to you.
Much love