Friday, June 25, 2010

Not Tested on Animals

I stopped buying products that could have potentially been tested on animals a few years ago.
I also started buying more all natural organic products at that time. I'm usually not a pusher, but with my mom, I'm a complete pusher...I'm try to convince her to switch to do the same.
She texted me one day telling me about a new shampoo she tried.

Renpure Organics
I love my hair!
body and shine shampoo

When my mom texted me she mentioned what the back of the bottle said...

"These products are not tested on animals. Tested on the Redmonds."

How cute is that?!

I actually ran out of shampoo just a few days later and asked my mom how she liked the Renpure, she said she loved it! So, I went and bought some of my own. I agree, LOVE IT!
It's not only a good shampoo organic shampoo that is not tested on animals...its also made locally in Minnesota! Gotta love supporting the locals! : )

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I was just looking through my phone, found this and just had to share.

It makes Gidget look like a giant, haha!

You'll deliver 60 some miles, right?!

I am craving this so bad right now!

This (in all its grainy, crappy phone photo glory) is an amazingly awesome half a hummus sandwich, a bowl of tomato bisque soup and Nantucket Nectars Big Cranberry juice...aka the best lunch EVER! From a wonderful little place perfectly named Amazing Grace Cafe.

Monday, June 7, 2010

*WARNING* This post is not pretty...

The new apartment has paneling



So this post is not a pretty post...
you've been warned!

Our bedroom doesn't have a real built in closet.
What they did was build one out of wood and attached it to the wall.

The cats like to sleep on top of the 'closet'.
This is totally fine, except the only way they can get down is to jump onto the bed where Bob's face is when he's sleeping!

We built a shelf to go from the top of the 'closet' with steps attached that lead to the top of the ugly dresser! (Which is on the to-do list of things to repaint.)

The shelf and steps will be getting a nice paint job at the same time that we paint right over the ugly paneling!
Once that finally happens I will post more photos to show the update : )

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lunch today...

Bob made some sushi the other day and made too much rice.
He saved me some of the plain rice and I had it for lunch
today with some steamed veggies over it.
I just used what we had in the house, carrots, peas,
broccoli and snap peas.
Add some salt, pepper, garlic, olive oil and
some of "Bob's secret spice mix" and...