Monday, June 7, 2010

*WARNING* This post is not pretty...

The new apartment has paneling



So this post is not a pretty post...
you've been warned!

Our bedroom doesn't have a real built in closet.
What they did was build one out of wood and attached it to the wall.

The cats like to sleep on top of the 'closet'.
This is totally fine, except the only way they can get down is to jump onto the bed where Bob's face is when he's sleeping!

We built a shelf to go from the top of the 'closet' with steps attached that lead to the top of the ugly dresser! (Which is on the to-do list of things to repaint.)

The shelf and steps will be getting a nice paint job at the same time that we paint right over the ugly paneling!
Once that finally happens I will post more photos to show the update : )


Emily said...

Wait, do you have multiple cats? I'm so confused! And you weren't kidding that paneling was everywhere! At least you guys can paint! (This is Emily by the way!!!!).

Ms Sparrow said...

I love the cat stairs you made. I have four cats myself and I understand the things we do to keep them happy. I have a cat tower in my living room that's been loved to death. It's so awful looking that I hide it when I have guests. I can't afford a new one but it would be cruel to take it away. So I live with the tattered thing. I look forward to seeing the other changes you make!

LacyHolly said...

It is amazing the things we do as pet owners to make them happy! I think its great to be like that though! They deserve love and happiness it's our responsibility to provide it for them!