Friday, May 28, 2010

This is VERY late...

This post is extremely late, but...


This beautiful little girl's name is Ginger

(they had actually named her Candi at the shelter we got her at)

Shelter sounds like such a horrible just makes me think of animals no one wants and that there is something wrong with them : ( That is SOOO not the case of what it really is though, thank goodness! It is just a place where wonderful pets live just waiting for the perfect family to come pick them up!

I just heart her so much! I find it absolutely amazing how a pet can come into your life and in just that split second you begin to love and adore them so much! Now that she is here, I can't imagine what it was like without her...

She actually joined our family a few months ago. She was part of a group of kitties who were found in a combination of two homes with 70+ cats. My friend Vic saw an article in the newspaper about the cats and saved it for me. She knew that it was something I would want to see, well, not want to see, but you know what I mean. I read the article and immediately knew I wanted to go there and look for a buddy for Gidgey.

Bob and I had talked before about how we knew we wanted to get a buddy for Gidgey...this was the PERFECT opportunity! I showed the article to Bob and he agreed to go and just look at the kitties.

We head to the shelter (again with the icky word) and even in the car talking about how we're just going to see the animals and we'll talk more about getting a second one.

The first kitty I see in the first room we go into was Ginger...from then on, my heart belonged to her. I couldn't stop thinking about her adorable little face! (Actually, at the time I thought she was so ugly she was cute.) We walked in and out of rooms and all I could think of was the 'ugly' kitty from the first room...I decided I couldn't leave without her that day. We went to the desk and I told them I needed to adopt 'Candi' before anyone else could.

We, of course, weren't prepared for a new family member since we had said we were just going to see the kitties. I started to fill out the paperwork to adopt our new little girl and Bob had to take the car and run home to get a carrier to safely get her home in.

Once we got her home, we lost her for two days...she ran under the couch and didn't come out. Gidge kept trying to check her out, but with both of them being scared they were checking each other out from a distance. Ginger eventually got more comfortable, started to explore the house and she has been a spoiled member of the family since!

Friday, May 21, 2010

It's been a while...

We've had a busy couple of weeks...we moved into our new apartment, cleaned the old apartment, super cleaned the camper (my mom is allergic to cats) and have had to work during all that. So please forgive me on the lack of posts! : )

I actually have a few projects coming up that I'm excited to share! I'll be turning a 1940's hutch into a microwave stand, building a shelf for the cats to get down from the top of the closet, making a built in bar height table and we'll be painting the living room and possibly a few other rooms in the new place!

So I hope to get to those soon...we're still unpacking though, so it might be a little bit still!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

The view from work this morning...

its May, what's that all about?!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

We found an apartment!
We're going to sign the lease on Wednesday...
She's one that will need a little love to make her beautiful,
but I think I'm up for the decorating challenge!

2 big bedrooms
dining room
nice size living room
cute pantry
a sauna in the garage
we share the two stall garage with the downstairs apartment

I'm excited to be able to play around with new decorating ideas!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

classy trailer trash

Remember when I told you about how we were
possibly moving back to my hometown?
Well, we are moving for sure...
actually, we're partially moved (stuff in storage) and basically living up here.

I would like to give you a tour of our new place : )
We are living in this camper in my 'rents backyard at the moment...
Please forgive the mess.

Sorry for the dark photos...
just enough light to not have flash, but not enough light to be very bright.

Our dining room table which is bolted to the ground.
No making extra space for that gut if you eat too much!

This kitchen doesn't leave any option for too many cooks in the kitchen!
Only one can fit...

Our 'dresser' at the end of the bed.
Behind that mirror is the closet.

No, you weren't seeing things...
that IS our dirty clothes in the spot where the tv should be : )
It makes the perfect hamper when there is no room for one.

Our bathroom sink and non working shower.
Well, the shower does work...
we just do not use it though.
We go in the house to shower.

The loo : )

This is only a temporary living space, but we're not sure exactly just how long it will be.
It is AMAZING that my 'rents are letting use say in their camper!
This saved us half a months rent!!!
We could have stayed in the house, but they offered this so that we could have some space that could be 'ours'.

We are actually going to check a place out tonight.
I'm really hoping we like it...
I REALLY don't want to have to look at a ton of places.

I'm hoping to have a trailer trash themed bbq before we move from the camper though!
How fun!