Wednesday, May 5, 2010

classy trailer trash

Remember when I told you about how we were
possibly moving back to my hometown?
Well, we are moving for sure...
actually, we're partially moved (stuff in storage) and basically living up here.

I would like to give you a tour of our new place : )
We are living in this camper in my 'rents backyard at the moment...
Please forgive the mess.

Sorry for the dark photos...
just enough light to not have flash, but not enough light to be very bright.

Our dining room table which is bolted to the ground.
No making extra space for that gut if you eat too much!

This kitchen doesn't leave any option for too many cooks in the kitchen!
Only one can fit...

Our 'dresser' at the end of the bed.
Behind that mirror is the closet.

No, you weren't seeing things...
that IS our dirty clothes in the spot where the tv should be : )
It makes the perfect hamper when there is no room for one.

Our bathroom sink and non working shower.
Well, the shower does work...
we just do not use it though.
We go in the house to shower.

The loo : )

This is only a temporary living space, but we're not sure exactly just how long it will be.
It is AMAZING that my 'rents are letting use say in their camper!
This saved us half a months rent!!!
We could have stayed in the house, but they offered this so that we could have some space that could be 'ours'.

We are actually going to check a place out tonight.
I'm really hoping we like it...
I REALLY don't want to have to look at a ton of places.

I'm hoping to have a trailer trash themed bbq before we move from the camper though!
How fun!

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