Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bad response to a customer complaint...

This is the response I got when I complained to a company about one of their employees being rude to me and numerous other customers. Also, at one point, running into me like I wasn't even there (darn near knocking me over) while I was at their establishment without an apology, an oops, not even a look! I just wanted to post this because I am very annoyed with this response...

We all have had experiences where we haven't been very happy with the result. The Thirsty Pagan and staff try very hard to make every customer's experience worthy of a return visit. We do not always reach our goal.

With that said, we also try to make lemon aid out of lemons. We have already reviewed the night of your visit with the staff involved.

Thank you for helping us become a better place to visit. Please come visit us again. We believe that you will enjoy your visit much more.

...not even an apology!!! I didn't even get an apology for their employee almost knocking me over or for their rudeness! I have to say, I will not be returning to this place again. I am a very disappointed with them.

and p. s. stupid company...it's LEMONADE not lemon aid!

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Ms Sparrow said...

Why are you protecting the company's name? They deserve to be exposed. I took my grandson to Mens Wearhouse to buy him a suit for graduation several years ago. When we went back to pick it up, they had misplaced the shirt we bought. They were hostile and rude implying that we had the shirt. They eventually found it under a counter, however they didn't apologize or even soften their hostile stance. I emailed a complaint to the company but all I got was a notice that they would check into it. I think their lawyers tell them to never admit anything for fear of lawsuits.