Wednesday, May 27, 2009


All I feel like doing is whining tonight! My plate isn't even that full and yet everything I feel wanting to come out of my mouth is WHINING! I've just got a few things to do and feel like I don't have a lot of time to do it in and dammit if it isn't'bad timing' coming up to add on to that.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

This is what love looks like...

Dana had this posted on her facebook. I just had to steal it!

New bathroom colors

I wanted to get a fresh start on a lot of the decorations in the apartment when Bob moves in...stuff we agreed on, so he'll feel more like its OUR place not just mine.

We agreed on blue, white and brown for the bathroom. Check out the cute new shower curtain!

I needed to go with something economical and the bathroom window is in an awkward spot, so I thought washclothes would make a cute valance...

Monday, May 25, 2009

Bbq with the girls

Jen and Gena came over for a bbq this evening. We had black Bean Burgers and meatless Hobo Dinners. YUM!

The Black Bean Burgers before cooking!

The Hobo Dinners coming off the grill.
The food was delicious!!

Everyone loved it...

...except Jen (apparently I put too much onion in the burgers!)

I even have leftovers for tomorrow...can't wait!

Next project...

Check out the new rug we got last night! Isn't it great? Thanks Vic!!! She told me about the great deal, we got it for only $10 :) I wanted to get something to protect the paint from getting chipped off by the table and chairs. My aunt just repainted the deck and it looked wonderful! It will look even better once we get our next project done.

Our next project is to get the rest of the paint off the table and chairs and repaint you can tell they're in desperate need! I was originally thinking a forest green or something, but I've changed my mind. I have no clue what color I want them now! What do you think? What would look good?

Then, just imagine! The perfect back porch with a great rug, cute little table and chair set, cucumbers, lettuce and tomatoes growing all around!

Our Garden!

This is our outside garden! The green container will be cucumbers, these will be transfered to something larger when they get too large. (Since Bob stuffed the whole packet in there!) The tan will be lettuce and the black round one is chives my mom just gave us...that one needs a new pot still.

Our window box in the kitchen that has chives, parsley and sweet basil in it : )

Bob is starting green peppers in this pot, then once they start to grow he'll transfer them to something larger.

I'm also hoping to get a thing for tomatoes too! Like one of those Topsy Turvy things or something to hang off the porch.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

We need more drawers!

After adding Bob's cooking utencils to my already large collection. I think we need more space! I'm thinking the junk drawer has seen it's last day and needs to be utilized for all this!

...and this isn't even all of it!

We bought paint today!

We bought paint for the living room today! We went with a little different color than we had originally planned. The original color was a pretty dark orange. We still went with orange just a little lighter. I am so excited to paint! It'll be so bright and fun! More inviting than the plain jane beige color walls we have now.
The living room decorations will also get an overhaul when the painting is done. I am really happy about that because these floral decorations are getting a little old. I love change and I love decorating! (not that I'm good at it, haha.

I got the fabric at a REALLY good deal! $1.95/yd so I just HAD to buy it! The plan for the fabric is for it to be on the walls. The bottom part of the walls to be exact. Some people put wallpaper up then a chair rail then paint the bottom portion of the wall...we are going to have a similar idea, except we will have the top painted and the bottom will be the fabric. The trick is to just get it so it's removable.

My idea for making it removable is to glue it to some cheap trim and then hang that with as few of nails as possible as a chair rail. (it's just like hanging up pictures, right?...I say that because we're allowed to hang pictures!) Then remove the base board and place the fabric under it and re-install the base board.
If that doesn't work or ends up being too much work or looks like it will do too much damage to the walls. The
fabric will just be made into curtains, throw pillows wall decorations, etc....I have 12 YARDS to use!

So it's actually happening...

...he's moving his stuff in. AHHHH!!!
haha jk ; )

Walk with Vic.

We stopped at sat by these for a while and just chatted away...even tho we had just started our walk! Haha.

Vic calls this one 'The Virgin Amongst the Whores'

I picture a cute little old couple sitting here...

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Fun with the camera in the backyard.

The shelf is finally up!

My mom and dad came down today! My dad had built this shelf for my microwave and installed it today. I LOVE it. He had come down once before to hang it up, but the first one he had made was the wrong size. The cupboards aren't square apparently so it didn't work. Yay, for ghetto man who hung my cupboards! Haha.

Up til now, our microwave has been on top of our dishwasher, so everytime that we used the microwave we would have to unplug the microwave to move the dishwasher to the sink. It was really annoying! But now I have this beautiful shelf that my new red microwave fits on just perfectly!

Doesn't it look great?! Thanks Dad! : )

My dad also made the little white shelf that is on top of the stove. There is a plug-in with stuff in it right behind the top of the stove, so the stove has to be like 3 inches out from the wall. I was always afraid of things falling behind it! I also have a lazy susan right next to the stove and was afraid I would spin it and things would fly off and fall behind the it! Haha, it never actually happened tho, thank God!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Volcanic sink...

I've been having some issues with my kitchen sink being clogged...I needed to unclog it without using harmful chemicals. I tried the baking soda and vinegar trick! My sink turned into the childhood volcano science projoect! It was fun to watch and the sink made some interesting strange noises.

It worked really well on the right sink; however the left sink must be clogged up big time because it is still really slow. I ended up using a lot more vinegar than this 'recipe' called for because of the really clogged left sink...and to be honest it was fun watching the bubbles come up from the pipe.

The 'recipe' was 1 cup baking soda and 1 cup vinegar then hot water. Simply, or not so simply in my case, pour the baking soda down the sink, then follow with vinegar. Allow the volcano to errupt until complete then rinse the drain with hot water.

I would suggest you try this method before you use harsh chemicals! Not only is it eco-friendly, but it's fun to watch! It's also a lot safer for the user and are probably items that you already have in your cupboards! : )