Saturday, May 23, 2009

The shelf is finally up!

My mom and dad came down today! My dad had built this shelf for my microwave and installed it today. I LOVE it. He had come down once before to hang it up, but the first one he had made was the wrong size. The cupboards aren't square apparently so it didn't work. Yay, for ghetto man who hung my cupboards! Haha.

Up til now, our microwave has been on top of our dishwasher, so everytime that we used the microwave we would have to unplug the microwave to move the dishwasher to the sink. It was really annoying! But now I have this beautiful shelf that my new red microwave fits on just perfectly!

Doesn't it look great?! Thanks Dad! : )

My dad also made the little white shelf that is on top of the stove. There is a plug-in with stuff in it right behind the top of the stove, so the stove has to be like 3 inches out from the wall. I was always afraid of things falling behind it! I also have a lazy susan right next to the stove and was afraid I would spin it and things would fly off and fall behind the it! Haha, it never actually happened tho, thank God!

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