Sunday, May 24, 2009

We bought paint today!

We bought paint for the living room today! We went with a little different color than we had originally planned. The original color was a pretty dark orange. We still went with orange just a little lighter. I am so excited to paint! It'll be so bright and fun! More inviting than the plain jane beige color walls we have now.
The living room decorations will also get an overhaul when the painting is done. I am really happy about that because these floral decorations are getting a little old. I love change and I love decorating! (not that I'm good at it, haha.

I got the fabric at a REALLY good deal! $1.95/yd so I just HAD to buy it! The plan for the fabric is for it to be on the walls. The bottom part of the walls to be exact. Some people put wallpaper up then a chair rail then paint the bottom portion of the wall...we are going to have a similar idea, except we will have the top painted and the bottom will be the fabric. The trick is to just get it so it's removable.

My idea for making it removable is to glue it to some cheap trim and then hang that with as few of nails as possible as a chair rail. (it's just like hanging up pictures, right?...I say that because we're allowed to hang pictures!) Then remove the base board and place the fabric under it and re-install the base board.
If that doesn't work or ends up being too much work or looks like it will do too much damage to the walls. The
fabric will just be made into curtains, throw pillows wall decorations, etc....I have 12 YARDS to use!

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LacyHolly said...

I doubt the fabric thing will actually happen tho :( It'll probably just be curtains and pillows and such...