Monday, September 21, 2009

Stand still...

The table project is at a stand still until tomorrow afternoon, probably Tuesday...I am waiting for my mother to bring down the sander that I am borrowing from my father down.

Then, I swear I'll get it done to show you!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Calling all readers!

I need your help!

Remember the tray that I told you about earlier that I want to redo? I thought I had found something that I wanted to use for the bottom...but once I brought it home and placed it next to it, it was ugly! Haha.
So tonight I was looking through some of the scrapbooking paper I have and found a few options. I need your help in choosing...I think the first and third ones are my favorite.

The blue is a lot nicer shade, it wouldn't turn out right in the crappy livingroom lighting...

This one is really cute; however, we have no pink in our kitchen, which is where it would be that okay? I don't know. (looking at this one more, I'm starting to like it even more!)

I really like this blue and brown one too...very simple, but I don't really like the line that would be in the center. What do you think? Is it horrible to have that line?? I think so :(

This one is red, not pink. It would match our kitchen the best I think, but it almost looks dirty, right? This one would hide the center line where the two pieces of paper come together the best, but I just don't know how much I like it...(again, the picture wouldn't load correctly)
So now I need your help! Which ones do you guys think is best! I'm uber indecisive.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Lack of posts

I haven't written much lately...the reason? No real reason, I have just been lazy...I haven't been up to anything exciting enough to write about either. Just kinda living life, hanging out and spending money that I shouldn't be! Haha.

I did get a haircut today tho! She took quite a bit off in length and gave it more shape. My hair was so dull and boring before...not that it is super exciting and great now, but it's a lot better!! Now, I just need to work on getting it colored. My friend who I like to have color my hair is pregnant at the moment so I can't have her do it : (

I thought I would have had my little table done to show you by now, but I have been forgetting to pick up spray paint! Everytime I run somewhere I completely space it out : ( I should get on that tonight huh?! You know what...I'm going to get that right now!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Bob made it home safe! Only minor cuts and scrapes : )
Also, our inet is crapping out...might be few days before next post!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

'New' Shelf!

I found this shelf at Saver's for $2 the other day...

(Sorry about the sideways photo!! It shouldn't be sideways, but it kept uploading it that way!)

I painted it black and hung it in the living room :) Love it! ...not so sure about the reed diffuser being on it, but we'll see...I'm also not sure what photo is going in the frame, so I blurred out the lame pic that is in it now. Haha.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Project turned even bigger project

I had started that cute little table project the other day and was painting outside because my apartment isn't exactly painting friendly size, who wants to have to pay for new carpet when they move out of an apartment?!

Well, I got the orange done and had started on the red. Then while waiting for the first coat of red to dry, I got caught up watching Food Network. Before I knew it, it was dark out! So, no more painting...then I spaced out and left the table outside over night! :( OF rained!!!
What used to be a nice red paint job, turned to this...

Apparently the red hadn't dried and when it rained it all came off and left a strange white film.

This project has now turned into even more of a i have to fix this before I can continue...ugh.

I'm a big fat failure

...for now.

I have officially given up on the cleanse : ( Simply because I am a wuss. I enjoy food and I was weak. I wouldn't have felt like such a failure if I had been starving...but I WASN'T EVEN HUNGRY! I just ate for the sake of eating!!!

But you better believe I WILL be doing the cleanse again in a few months and I WILL suceed then! I know I can do it...I just need to be in the right mindset and I started out in the right mindset, but then I just gave in. That will be the toughest struggle for me, not eating when I'm bored or just WANT food.

So, goodbye for now Master Cleanse...but I WILL BE BACK!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Beary interesting...

Okay, I forgot to tell you this!

My friend Gena and I were driving on one of the busiest roads here in town...I look to the right of the road and think "Wow! That's a big dog!" Then I realize, that's not a dog that's a BEAR! It was a small bear who proceeded to run across the road stopping all traffic! Thank God the other cars saw it and stopped! It was crazy! Because it's not like we live in a small country town...we live in a town with 80,000 people!

I just had to share...

Detox Project #1

Today I have had a few moments of AHHHHH!!!!! I NEED FOOD! oddly enough, not out of hunger...just out of that would be SO GOOD! So I started one of my projects! : ) I say started because I didn't finish...I decided to go shopping with a friend for a little bit instead...

I purchased this table at Savers (like Goodwill) about a week or week and a half ago for only $4.99!

It is a children's play table. I originally had thought that I would paint it red and put it in our pantry for our beer making supplies to sit on...I have changed my mind and have a much better use for it! However, I can't say yet...

Now, I am using leftover paint from when we painted the living room...

for the base color. Then I am going to use the free Red Delicious Glidden paint quart I got for the top coat. Then I will sand edges and such off to make it look a little aged and have the orange peek thru! ...Lets hope it looks good!

I didn't get too far today. I got the orange done on the legs and bottom. (this picture is after only the first coat...notice the nice spot I missed!)

I will post finished pics tomorrow hopefully!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Still not hungry : )

So I'm halfway through the second day of no food and I'm still doing good! : ) I have only felt hungry once so far today! Which I think is probably pretty good...considering I haven't eaten since Friday night. Okay, was LATE Friday night. I think I might actually be able to do this : ) It's mostly just thoughts about how yummy food would be, but not actually being hungry at this point, but I still have a ways to go. Haha.

I picked up the last of my ingredients for the "lemonade" mixture today. I picked up the organic grade B maple syrup and the organic lemons. I now have everything I need! I am excited to see how this whole thing goes and I'm interested to see how the mixture tastes.

Bob leaves tomorrow am for his annual Guys' Weekend. Usually they just go for 3-5 days, this year him and two others are doing a whole week and the others will join them on Thursday or Friday. He is SUPER excited. The trip seems to consist of drinking, shooting things, eating and drunken craziness. Haha. He always has a blast and surprisingly the injuries seem to be limited...well, since I've known him at least.

I am excited for him to go, because I know he'll have a blast...but at the same time I know I'll miss him. However, like I said before, probably better he won't be here in case I do get cranky with no food!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Detox start...

So, I started the 'ease in' process of the Master Cleanse yesterday (this was a suggestion I found from someone else who has done the cleanse a few times). Yesterday was salads and nuts, today fruit/veggie juices and broths and tomorrow orange juice. I decided to try this way because I think it'll help me last with the cleanse a little better...or so I hope! Then the 'ease out' process is the same just in reverse.

Today was the first day with no 'real' food...I think I did well tho. Only actually felt hungry once really. I have to say tho, I'm already looking forward to a HUGE bowl of mac-n-cheese with red, yellow, orange & green pepper, jalapeno, onion and a lil veg stock to thin it out!!! I CAN'T WAIT to make that the minute I can eat real food again! So...13 days and counting!!! (this includes the last day of ease in and ease out)

So, wish me luck, it's started!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Project list

I started my stay-away-from-food project list for next week during the detoxing...

(don't mind the messy writing)

  • Repaint small table I got for $5 to put in our pantry for beer makin' supplies
  • Redo the 'espresso' tray I posted earlier
  • I have an idea for a sign to make for my entry way
  • Find/make and organizational box for bathroom shelf
  • Finish the scrapbook style cookbook
  • Make produce bags to possibly sell at Farmer's Market next Thursday
  • Make 'business' cards to put on produce bags
  • Re-cover and paint legs on foot rest posted earlier

A lot are just a few hour projects, so hopefully I can come up with some more to make the week go faster. I also hope to do lots of cleaning and organizing in the house!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

This is just how much we love...

BEER! : )

The last post about makin' beer made me think I should show you guys our beer bottle collection. It's not that we're lushes...we just really enjoy trying new kinds of beer. Finding out what we like, don't like and what makes us cringe.

These are the tops of our cupboards. Most have been added my me prior to Bob moving in (over a long period of time, no worries). They are all different kinds of beer I/we have tried.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Beer Makin'

Bob and I made beer last night : ) Always good times and a great way to make the house stink for a while, haha.

First, the ingredients...

It starts brewin'...

Then we pour the wheat/barley malt in...

After boiling for a good long while, with the flavors hanging in the 'beer'...everything gets poured through a funnel with a filter into a carboy.

Then the yeast gets added to a small glass to rehydrate. Here are before and after pictures.

The yeast and more water are added to the carboy and now it sits for two weeks before bottling it : )