Saturday, September 5, 2009

Detox start...

So, I started the 'ease in' process of the Master Cleanse yesterday (this was a suggestion I found from someone else who has done the cleanse a few times). Yesterday was salads and nuts, today fruit/veggie juices and broths and tomorrow orange juice. I decided to try this way because I think it'll help me last with the cleanse a little better...or so I hope! Then the 'ease out' process is the same just in reverse.

Today was the first day with no 'real' food...I think I did well tho. Only actually felt hungry once really. I have to say tho, I'm already looking forward to a HUGE bowl of mac-n-cheese with red, yellow, orange & green pepper, jalapeno, onion and a lil veg stock to thin it out!!! I CAN'T WAIT to make that the minute I can eat real food again! So...13 days and counting!!! (this includes the last day of ease in and ease out)

So, wish me luck, it's started!

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Lia said...

Wishing you all the best in this my darling.

I will endeavour to keep you entertained and lift your spirits when it gets tough.

Keep us up to date with your progress.

Much love,
Lia. xx