Friday, September 11, 2009

Project turned even bigger project

I had started that cute little table project the other day and was painting outside because my apartment isn't exactly painting friendly size, who wants to have to pay for new carpet when they move out of an apartment?!

Well, I got the orange done and had started on the red. Then while waiting for the first coat of red to dry, I got caught up watching Food Network. Before I knew it, it was dark out! So, no more painting...then I spaced out and left the table outside over night! :( OF rained!!!
What used to be a nice red paint job, turned to this...

Apparently the red hadn't dried and when it rained it all came off and left a strange white film.

This project has now turned into even more of a i have to fix this before I can continue...ugh.

1 comment:

Lia said...

Well that seems very strange and annoying.
I hate it when projects go wrong, when all you want to do is get on with them.
i hope you manage to sort it.
Much love,
Lia xx