Friday, September 18, 2009

Lack of posts

I haven't written much lately...the reason? No real reason, I have just been lazy...I haven't been up to anything exciting enough to write about either. Just kinda living life, hanging out and spending money that I shouldn't be! Haha.

I did get a haircut today tho! She took quite a bit off in length and gave it more shape. My hair was so dull and boring before...not that it is super exciting and great now, but it's a lot better!! Now, I just need to work on getting it colored. My friend who I like to have color my hair is pregnant at the moment so I can't have her do it : (

I thought I would have had my little table done to show you by now, but I have been forgetting to pick up spray paint! Everytime I run somewhere I completely space it out : ( I should get on that tonight huh?! You know what...I'm going to get that right now!

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