Monday, September 7, 2009

Detox Project #1

Today I have had a few moments of AHHHHH!!!!! I NEED FOOD! oddly enough, not out of hunger...just out of that would be SO GOOD! So I started one of my projects! : ) I say started because I didn't finish...I decided to go shopping with a friend for a little bit instead...

I purchased this table at Savers (like Goodwill) about a week or week and a half ago for only $4.99!

It is a children's play table. I originally had thought that I would paint it red and put it in our pantry for our beer making supplies to sit on...I have changed my mind and have a much better use for it! However, I can't say yet...

Now, I am using leftover paint from when we painted the living room...

for the base color. Then I am going to use the free Red Delicious Glidden paint quart I got for the top coat. Then I will sand edges and such off to make it look a little aged and have the orange peek thru! ...Lets hope it looks good!

I didn't get too far today. I got the orange done on the legs and bottom. (this picture is after only the first coat...notice the nice spot I missed!)

I will post finished pics tomorrow hopefully!

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