Sunday, September 20, 2009

Calling all readers!

I need your help!

Remember the tray that I told you about earlier that I want to redo? I thought I had found something that I wanted to use for the bottom...but once I brought it home and placed it next to it, it was ugly! Haha.
So tonight I was looking through some of the scrapbooking paper I have and found a few options. I need your help in choosing...I think the first and third ones are my favorite.

The blue is a lot nicer shade, it wouldn't turn out right in the crappy livingroom lighting...

This one is really cute; however, we have no pink in our kitchen, which is where it would be that okay? I don't know. (looking at this one more, I'm starting to like it even more!)

I really like this blue and brown one too...very simple, but I don't really like the line that would be in the center. What do you think? Is it horrible to have that line?? I think so :(

This one is red, not pink. It would match our kitchen the best I think, but it almost looks dirty, right? This one would hide the center line where the two pieces of paper come together the best, but I just don't know how much I like it...(again, the picture wouldn't load correctly)
So now I need your help! Which ones do you guys think is best! I'm uber indecisive.


Victoria said...

I totally vote the fun pink one with the flowers on the side.. even though you don't have pink in your kitchen! It'll be the saucy accessory to your kitchen! Otherwise, the white with the swirlies!!

Lia said...

Oh Gosh!
I have been a bad blog buddy, not coming by for so long.

I am wondering if I have left it too late to help.

I like the top two and am thinking that you should go with the blue as it would match the kitchen, but as you are leaning towards the pinky-red one #2 that you should go with that as it would be a nice splash of bright colour and if you then decide that it really is too much, you can then go with the blue.
Mind you I am so late with this that I expect you have already done it and are happy with the results.
What ever you do it will be lovely.
much love and thank you for your comment on my blog, it's good to know right now that there are really caring people in the World.
Lia xx