Saturday, November 21, 2009

Out of the dark!

We've been having technical difficulties the past few days. The power goes out randomly over and over, haha. So it's lights, no lights, lights, no lights, etc. When the power goes out we have no lights, but we are lucky enough to have three outlets that work : ) Even tho we have a few outlets, I've been living by candle light. It's actually been kind of nice living without a lot of technology. I think people rely on technology far too much these days. Instead of finding something to entertain ourselves we simply click a button and flip through channels : (

Yesterday when the power went out at 6pm and stayed out all night I found myself knitting by candle light and listening to the delightful hum of the highway next to my house. Okay, delightful isn't exactly true, but you know... However, today Bob connected his desktop to one of the outlets and he has a 22 inch monitor that we are now using as a tv! So, back to technology! The power is back on at the moment I believe, but I'm blogging via candle light and watching Bones on the desk top monitor...woo!



Well, actually we've had her for a little while now...she was a secret for a while tho. She was a stray and we weren't sure if our landlord would let her stay. Her name is Gidget, most oftenly refered to as Gidgey or Gidge. Look at her adorableness!!!

The last photo is the most recent one of her.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Peasant Bowl Lunch

We made a peasant bowl style lunch the other day....I left mine fairly simple with some seasonings, peppers, black soy beans and rice. It was yummy! : ) Bob, of course, made his filled with tons of things along with the rice. I only got a picture of my plain jane one, but here it is!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


So, Halloween was a bit unusual for us this year...usually we go out with friends and party it up and get a hotel room (to avoid driving issues.) This year it was just Bob and I. Our friends who were coming from out of town called last Thursday or Friday to tell us they weren't able to come because their little girl is sick, one friend just decided not to go out and the other girl (Carol) called the night of to inform us her child was sick as well so she couldn't come either.
I have to admit, I got a little disappointed after the last friend called...I wanted to tell Bob that I didn't even want to go out anymore. After a few minutes of my pity party, we decided to just grab a case of beer, a pizza and just hang out in the room. I had told a friend (Gena) who was going out with her mother that we would stop by and say hi at some point in the night...We still put our costumes on to go show my 'rents. The whole thing of only going out for one drink and staying in was a good idea since we spent over $100 going out the night before!!! YIKES!

We got ready in our costumes...swung by my parents place, ordered pizza, picked up beer, stopped at a gas station to pick up some candy then ran the candy over to Carol's house for her little boy who couldn't go trick or treating. Then we picked up the pizza and went back to the room and enjoyed a few beers, some tv and pizza. We then went out to meet Gena for a beer and had our palms read! Haha. As we were saying goodbye to Gena we ran into Bob's dad and some friends so we ended up hanging out with them for a few hours! Then hit up two more places for a beer or two at each then went back to the room for another beer then bedtime!