Sunday, November 1, 2009


So, Halloween was a bit unusual for us this year...usually we go out with friends and party it up and get a hotel room (to avoid driving issues.) This year it was just Bob and I. Our friends who were coming from out of town called last Thursday or Friday to tell us they weren't able to come because their little girl is sick, one friend just decided not to go out and the other girl (Carol) called the night of to inform us her child was sick as well so she couldn't come either.
I have to admit, I got a little disappointed after the last friend called...I wanted to tell Bob that I didn't even want to go out anymore. After a few minutes of my pity party, we decided to just grab a case of beer, a pizza and just hang out in the room. I had told a friend (Gena) who was going out with her mother that we would stop by and say hi at some point in the night...We still put our costumes on to go show my 'rents. The whole thing of only going out for one drink and staying in was a good idea since we spent over $100 going out the night before!!! YIKES!

We got ready in our costumes...swung by my parents place, ordered pizza, picked up beer, stopped at a gas station to pick up some candy then ran the candy over to Carol's house for her little boy who couldn't go trick or treating. Then we picked up the pizza and went back to the room and enjoyed a few beers, some tv and pizza. We then went out to meet Gena for a beer and had our palms read! Haha. As we were saying goodbye to Gena we ran into Bob's dad and some friends so we ended up hanging out with them for a few hours! Then hit up two more places for a beer or two at each then went back to the room for another beer then bedtime!

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Happy Momma said...

Thanks for your sweet comments on my quilt! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! Sounds like you had an interesting Halloween, I think that sickness was rampant for Halloween we too had to stay home with the kiddos!