Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bob had an assessment test yesterday for a job in his field of education. I'm being pulled in two different directions with my emotions about this. On one hand, I would love for him to get the pays well and he's really excited to actually be able to use his knowledge he gained in college. On the other hand...that would mean we would have to move back to our home town area...BLECH! The thought of moving back there makes me want to scream. It's a small town and everybody knows everybody. Which means, everybody knows everybody's business, ugh. I just don't want to be back there! For now, I'm just trying not to think about it! : )

The test was in a town over an hour away from here...I went up with him and did some shopping while he was testing. I went to JoAnn and instantly fell in love with their fabric selection! I'm used to Hancock and JoAnn has more of my taste in fabric. I like the big chunky designs and the funky stuff....Hancock seems to have a lot of small print and what I call "grandma" prints, haha.

I was able to find fabric for a green and brown scarf within minutes of being in the store! It was so amazing!!! At Hancock I'm usually there for quite some time searching for enough coordinating fabrics that I like together. It was so nice to find so many things that I loved...if only I could have purchased them all!!!

I have finished one scarf tonight (you bet your butt I'll be wearing it tomorrow!) and have three others that simply need to be top stitched to be completed. I cannot wait to show you a picture of it tomorrow! ...I would take a picture now, but I would prefer to wait until day time to get better lighting.

I am hoping to hit up Hancock (yay coupon!!) tomorrow to pick up another round of fabrics for another color scarf! I love them so much...I seem to wear one every other day these days!
Well, it is 2:30am and I should get my behind to bed!

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