Friday, February 19, 2010

Bob was bottling up some homemade beer the other day.
Before you know it, this is what we saw...

(Don't mind the shaved belly...she was just spayed.)

...lots of Gidgey posts lately!


Lia said...

It's the yeast, cats love it.
Have you ever heard of brewers yeast tablets, if not just Google "Brewers yeast for cats".
They have very good health benefits and cats can't resist them, it's like a drug for them.
Also grow her a couple of pots of Catnip (it's a mint I believe) they love it and it's good for them. If you grow a couple of pots you can rotate them when one is looking a little worn and needs growing time again.
Much love

Ms Sparrow said...

I love the picture! The lighting is so perfect.
I'll have to check out Lia's advice about yeast for cats. I never heard of that.