Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Do you remember her?
...she's broken.
She was old, it was her time.
She had a great run though!

It's a tension problem aka pretty spendy to fix.
Might as well get a shiny new one right?!
My aunt told me I wasn't allowed
to buy the Brother machine I wanted.
(she's big into sewing and wants me to get one that is built well)
I'm borrowing her old one!!! : )
It's a Husqvarna!
(I guess that means it's really good, haha.)
I'm so excited to get it, I've been really motivated to sew lately.
Of course this motivation would come when my machine poops out!

So once I get the "new" one
I'll be able to unveil my red, black and white scarf


Lia said...

Ah, poor old sewing machine, funny thing is I had a similar thing happen to my favourite sewing machine but it was very cheap to repair, well compared with buying a new machine it was.
Mine was also the tension thingy-ma-bob.
Maybe you should just phone around and see what sort of price you are looking at.
I hope it gets sorted for you.
Much love

Ms Sparrow said...

I can't imagine getting that excited about SEWING! I absolutely hated sewing back in high school Home Economics Class in the 50's. After barely getting a passing grade on the miserable cotton skirt I made, I vowed never to sew again. As a result, I have happily lived my life never owning a sewing machine.
Good luck to you on keeping up with your sewing!