Monday, June 1, 2009

He's here!!!

So Bob is all moved in has all his shit ALL OVER our apartment! It's great...barely any room to walk any where! Haha, but it's nice, I'm glad he's down here : ) I'm happy that we'll get to see more of each other...possibly even too much of each other, lol.

Bob made two trips down yesterday with his stuff. The second time around his dad came with to carry a load in his truck. It was really nice of him to do because he then had to drive home TWO HOURS!! So nice of him! Todd and Vic were amazing and stopped by to help carry the big stuff! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! You guys are great! We owe you!

Our first night together in officially our apartment was nice...just hanging out and Bob set up one aquarium so the fish didn't have to live in a bucket forever! We were both exhausted by like 11, Bob was because he had been moving shit all day...I, on the other hand, didn't have a good reason...just tired!

Bob headed back up north today to return his brother's truck and come back with his car full of more stuff. (Not really sure where we are going to put it!) While he's still busy trying to get all his stuff here, I'm just sitting outside enjoying the great weather. Haha. I was going to do laundry because Bob ended up coming down with a full laundry basket of dirty clothes and the weather is great for line drying, but then realized I'm all out of laundry detergent and his is in the car! So...I'm just being a lazy butt until he gets here.

On another note, we are planning the painting for Friday...lets just hope we can get it done. We kind of have to tho, because he has fish that are too large for the aquarium they are in now and need to be moved asap. The 55 gal aquarium can't be set up until we paint because once it's set's set up for good! So, for now Brutus the blue gill and Edwardo the foot long pleco are just going to have to deal with the smaller aquarium : (

Thats all for now!

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