Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Honey Pumpkin Muffins

I was able to get two batches of the honey pumpkin muffins done tonight!

The first batch I followed the recipe and they turned out kinda eh. I thought that they needed a little more flavor so I decided to add some pumpkin pie spice to the second batch.  I started making the second batch and realize that I, in fact, did not have enough canned pumpkin! ...oops. I just lessened the amounts of everything a little and added the pumpkin pie spice. They turned out much better than the first ones, for sure! the recipe is from the 100 Best Cupcake Recipes book.

It was pretty funny...I took the first bite of one and thought, "omg, this is awful!" I then remembered that they are MUFFINS and not cupcakes!!! Haha. I'm so used to making cupcakes that my brain was confused when it wasn't sweet! The same thing happened when Bob tasted one. He was like, "I think it needs some sugar or something." I had to remind him it was a muffin and he said, "ohhh!!!! Then I think it's really good!" Lol. In my opinion they definitely need to be consumed with butter. It was okay without butter, but was really good with butter!

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