Sunday, August 8, 2010

From milk box to beautiful box.

In our laundry room we have a small shelving unit of three shelves. Its where I keep the soap, borax, dryer sheets, etc.

Bob tends to get dressed for work in that room because working in a kitchen he has to wash his limited supply of work clothes like every other day.
He also tends to just throw his clean clothes on the bottom shelf. This bugs the heck out of me, because it looks like a messy pile of clothes just sitting there!
(not that the room is ever actually clean, haha)

The other day I was trying to find a bin we could put on the shelf for him to put his clothes in...
I then thought of a box I had in my car from work. It is the box that our milk comes in. I measured it.

It was the PERFECT size!

I grabbed some fabric and a glue gun and went to work!

I just roughly cut the fabric and wrapped the box like a pretty little present.

Didn't she turn out wonderful?!

It's not completely done yet, though. I plan to line it with a plain black fabric to hide the rough edges of the fabric. But i was just so excited about how cute it turned out I couldn't wait to share!I am actually going to make a matching second one to put on the second shelf as well.


Ms Sparrow said...

What a clever idea! I think I might be tempted to line it with plastic, though, so it doesn't absorb odors.

(BTW, I love the George Eliot quote on the side but it should read "never too late".)

LacyHolly said...

Thank you for the typo correction! I never noticed I left out an 'o' haha.

He only throws his clean clothes in the box so I'm not too worried about odor :)

But that would be a great idea for the plastic if he were putting dirty clothes in there! I wouldn't have thought of that!!

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