Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Okay, well...we haven't physically gotten it yet, but we ordered it!

I am so excited!
(Seriously, you can't even imagine excited I am...)

We're living in a world of hand-me-downs right now and soon we will be able to throw some new in there! I mean, I am totally cool with my hand-me-down bed frame, my hand-me-down craft table, my hand-me-down spare bedroom bed, but I am also totally cool and really excited to say that Bob and I will be the owners of a...


and a

Our living room will look a little something like this!

Okay, realistically it will look NOTHING like that!
But its fun to pretend it would! Haha.
It will still look cute in our little world of rented apartment paneling!

The sad thing is, it won't be here until next Wednesday!
My Pampered Chef party is next TUESDAY!
So...camping chairs and kitchen chairs it is for our guests I guess.
Once we tell them that its out of our control that our NEW furniture won't get here until Wednesday, I'm sure they'll understand though.
If not, too bad! ; )

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