Wednesday, September 1, 2010


So, today is the day we officially get our new furniture...

I thought it was going to be last week, but it wasn't. *sad face* The sofa came in last Wednesday, but the loveseat, not-so-much. We decided to wait to pick them both up today since Bob has the day off and his brother could help move it up all the stairs. I am so grateful that his brother is guilted into helping happy to help! My dad is getting too old and shouldn't be doing those kinds of things anymore. That doesn't stop him from wanting to help and being willing to do them, but he just shouldn't have to do those kinds of things anymore! He's done enough of that kind of stuff in his lifetime!

Sooo...I am SO EXCITED! No more empty living room! No more sitting separate from Bob to watch tv/movies!

I'm also excited because I have a table makeover to share with you! ...but, the sunlight and my camera are not getting along. I need to wait until I can get a photo that actually works! I can show you the before picture though!

This picture is from when we were first moving in and a friend wanted me to text her photos of the its not really a good photo of the table, but its all I have!

If you look in front you can see the three chairs...well, behind those chairs is a "table." Its actually HALF a table that someone decided would be a good idea to attach to a wall. It was a very strange set up, half a table attached to the wall a normal table height *WEIRD*

It wasn't very accessible and made the whole area look cluttered and much smaller than it actually is. I always knew I wanted to change it and we finally did! : ) Hopefully later today I will be able to share the end result AND new furniture with you!

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Infarrantly Creative said...

New furniture? That is exciting!!! The only thing I recommend buying new is loveseats and couches. When you buy well they last for a long time. It will transform your space that is for sure.