Saturday, December 19, 2009

For the kiddos

I needed to come up with something to do for the kiddos in the families we're giving gifts keeping with the homemade theme I made a few things for them!
Simple memory game with fabric instead of commercialized name brands or characters...

I then took scrap pieces of the fabric used for the game pieces and made a little baggie to store them in : )

I also used scraps from the same fabric to make bean bags filled with dried beans (of course!)...

They need something to do with the bean bags right?! I connected a few pieces of pipe cleaner together then wrapped some around it for more strength and covered it with a piece of black fleece...simply lay the ring on the ground and try to throw the bean bags into the ring. (For pretty young kids, so it didn't need to be too complicated.) There are many other uses for bean bags too, I can only imagine the things kids could come up with!

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