Monday, December 21, 2009

Forget those pesky chemicals!

Another homemade Christmas gift post...I also made homemade liquid soap. With the H1N1 panic going on these days people are turning to harsh chemicals to help ward off illness. Why?! Go natural!

As the bubonic plague decimated Europe in the year 1413, four thieves were captured and charged with robbing the dead and dying victims. When the thieves were tried, the magistrate offered leniency if they would reveal how they resisted contracting the infection as they performed their gruesome acts. They explained that they were perfumers and spice traders and told of a special concoction of aromatic herbs, including cinnamon, lemon, eucalyptus, cloves and rosemary, that they rubbed on their hands, ears, and temples. This is how the combination of these oils came to be called 'Thieves Oil'.

(sorry about the blurred photo)

I purchased some organic castile soap online and the necessary essential oils to mix up my Thieves Oil. I then mixed up the Theives Oil into a separate glass bottle using equal parts of each oil. Then, using foamer bottles, mixed about 5oz soap with 2oz water and added Thieves Oil...voila! Homemade liquid soap with illness fighting Thieves Oil!


This can be used with less soap and more water...the castile soap we used was just picky and would separate if mixed with more water.


Infarrantly Creative said...

That is awesome. Where did you get your foaming dispensers from?

SARGENTS said...

That does sound yummy, I also want to know where to buy the soap online and where to get the a detail oil list would help. Thanks for sharing.

LacyHolly said...

Check out my recent posts! I answered your questions there since I have had others ask as well! :)