Friday, July 23, 2010

I got my new purse in the mail today!
While emptying my purse to switch to
the new one I thought I'd share
the numerous random things I found in there...

1 homemade reusable tote
1 chico bag
1 (super cute) zebra wallet
1 sunglass case (recently purchased from Etsy)
1 red & black homemade camera case
1 clutch wallet filled with assorted herbal teas (also recent purchase from Etsy)
1 bottle peppermint essential oil (for headaches)
1 bottle of Royal Romance Sally Hansen nail polish
1 bottle Moonlight Path B&BW lotion
1 bottle all natural hand sanitizer from Gilley's Naturals
1 sample size Dove deoderant
1 pen (both my checkbook and my wallet also have a pen in them!)
1 fine point sharpie
1 iPhone
1 ugly mirror compact
1 reusable coffee cozie
1 bottle Amber Romance smelly stuff
2 sample size lotions from Gilley's Naturals
1 pack oil absorbing wipes
1 leatherman
7 (yep! you're reading that right), 7 chapsticks
1 set iPhone ear buds
1 adorable checkbook (recent Etsy purchase)
1 iPhone charger
1 tin Badger organic Headache Soother
and finally...
1 set of keys

I cannot believe how much stuff fit in my purse!!!
It is amazing!
No wonder the darn thing was so heavy...yikes.

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