Thursday, July 22, 2010


Our new little girl is finally home!

Like I said before we had to patiently wait a few days to bring her home.
She was getting spayed on Monday, that's why we couldn't take her home right away on Friday when I fell in love with her.
I brought her home on Tuesday afternoon.
Her name is Ghita.
Isn't she beautiful...

Do you know how hard it is to get a 12 week old kitten to sit still for a photoshoot?!
So, they're not amazing pictures. They show you her adorableness all the same!

She seems to be doing well in her new home with her new siblings.
Gidget (the one who doesn't like people) and her are already playing and getting along well. Growling/hissing are minimal and only happen when the Ghita gets a little too excited attacking Gidgey when she's not feeling playful.

Ginger (the lover of everyone) on the other hand is not taking the addition of a new sibling so well. She's growling at every glance and hissing any time she's within a few feet. We're not too worried though, because she acted this same way when we brought her home and she met Gidget. It took a little while, but Ginger and Gidget get along wonderfully now! Cuddling, playing and grooming each other like best buddies.

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