Thursday, July 23, 2009

6-10 of 103 Randoms About Me

10. I purchased my first car December 31, 2007 and totaled it on March 12, 2008. (before then I had a car that was given to me) Yep, that's right, I owned that car for all of 2 months and 12 days! It was my favorite car too :( A 1998 green Ford Contour with a manual transmission. It had a sunroof, I loved that sunroof. Man, do I miss that car...

9. I had a few hamsters as pets when I was a teen. One of which got loose in our house numerous times. We had to put holes in the walls to get him out of the walls. The last time he got loose, we never found him...

8. As a kid I didn't know the lines in the middle of the road actually meant something. I just assumed they were all supposed to be solid double lines and thought they made them dashed because they were running out of paint.

7. I have a crazy fear of wood ticks. If anyone finds one when I'm around I will have the creepy crawlies for the rest of the time I am there and will not be able to be comfortable.

6. I sleep with a fan on in my room almost every night. Even in the winter! I am like a furnace when I'm sleeping. Poor Bob wants to cuddle with me some nights and I just can't do it because I die of heat! So then he freezes at night sometimes because I have the fan on.

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