Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I'm beginning to realize that WoW (World of Warcraft, a stupid computer game) will be the center of many a fights with Bob and I.

Bob's daily routine:
Wake up, brush teeth, play WoW, go to work, come home, shower, play WoW, go to bed...Wake up, brush teeth, play WoW, go to work, come home, shower, play WoW, go to bed...you get the picture...

The last time he did something sweet for me...I can't even remember, maybe a month or so ago when he brought me home some food from work???

It's getting old quick : (


Lia said...

Oh babes welcome to my world.
My youngest son often can't string two words together when talking to me and yet chats away on WoW at 90 to the dozen with complete strangers.

You are going to have to fight back, take the fuse out the plug it'll take him days to sort it out haha, mind you he will also be a misery to live with.

There is something addictive about that game,that's for sure.
Off course you could always fight back by not doing his cooking, washing and anything else you can think up.
Much love
Lia xx

LacyHolly said...

Haha, yea Bob tries to compare my computer use for blogging, email checking, chattin', etc. to his WoW playing. I don't really see it as comparable because I can at least hold a conversation while I'm on the computer!!! He can't really form a sentence when he's playing either...ugh!
Some days I just want to throw his computer out the window!

Lia said...

It might be easier and cheaper in the long run if you keep the computer and throw him out the window.hahaha.
Much love,
Lia xx