Friday, July 17, 2009

How cute is this?!

My most recent produce bag I LOVE IT! This one is FOR SURE one for us to use...probably me because of it's girly nature ; )

The brown is actually darker, more like this close up.

I am going to find a cute pink or orange ribbon to use for the pull string!


Lia said...

That's very pretty. No wonder you want to keep it.
The weather is looking seriously bad for my holiday, oh well my skin is at least waterproof tee hee
See you in two weeks, keep up the good work.
much love,

Victoria said...

Oh wow, Lace!

That is amazing! I LOVE IT!

LacyHolly said...

Have fun on your holiday Lia!!! Hope the camping trip goes well :) A lil rain will just make for better stories...or at least messier stories!