Monday, July 27, 2009

One for You & One for Me

This is how we have to cook around our house. One for him (meat) and one for me (non-meat). Mine is the smaller of the two of course : )
Before we rarely actually sat down and ate together because he would make one thing and I would make another. Lately, however, we have actually been eating the same things because we haven't had a lot of meat in the house. With this last trip to the grocery store he changed that and bought all kinds of meat to make chili. He started making chili and it smelled really good, so before he added the meat I asked if I could put some in a lil crock pot for me.




Lia said...

What a good idea to have two crock pots.At lest now you can eat together
now, which must be nice for you both.
I don't use mine much in the summer, but come autumn and winter, it's on the go all the time.
Glad it's working out for you both.
much love,
Lia xx

Toni said...

I thought you were eating meat again?