Thursday, July 23, 2009

Trying something new.

I thought maybe it would be kinda fun to start a new set of posts titled "103 Randoms About Me" Just so that I share little things about me with you. Some things you may already know if you know me and some things you may not know : ) We'll see if I can even get to 103 things!

'1-5 of 103 Randoms About Me'

5. I have had my nose pierced two times. The first time I had it done it was on the right side. When I had my wisdom teeth removed I had to take it out and it closed up...I cried! (the drugs they gave me may have had something to do with that too) Now its on my left side.

4. When I was a child I called Band-Aids rubber Band-Aids.

3. I secretly (not so secretly now!) feel better than other people when I am using reusable bags and they're using plastic. Sounds horrible to say it out loud, but I'm just being truthful : )

2. I am very easily annoyed with sounds. Example: people eating, breathing, chewing gum. I find myself literally trying to plug my ear that is near someone who is annoying me. I'll pretend I am resting my head on my hand or something to cover my ear.

1. I am OBSESSED with the color of my teeth. I am paranoid that I have nasty yellow teeth all the time. I am constantly checking my teeth in the mirror and feeling like they should be more white.

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KumarGaurav said...

hey that is really a nice one...will wait for the rest of it...