Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fake Bake!

If you're like me and never bake, but want your home to smell delicious I highly recommend this!

I got this Scentsy warmer from Bob's mom for Christmas and I LOVE it! It warms the wax up with a light bulb instead of a candle...less risk of fire! : ) There are many different styles of warmers and even ones you can decorate yourself!

They have so many different kinds of scent it's amazing! From their Bakery collection to their Romance collection to their Scentsy Man collection...yum!

The front two are actual Scentsy products, but shhh....don't tell I actually found a few at Walmart today that are the same idea. So, I thought I'd check them out! I thought it was kind of funny that on the front of the package they even say "Not a Scentsy product"

And in case you can't tell from all my should go here or here to purchase them ; )


mama victory said...

Ooohhhhh.... I get it, now!

How much larger is it compared to an oil burner?
Woudl you say more powerful??

LacyHolly said...

It's much larger than my round oil burner (I think you have the same) this is a 5" x 5" square on top and is about 6" tall.

They also have mid-size burners which are a little smaller...I haven't seen one in person though.

Powerfulness truly depends on the scent you chose. We have a few that are way powerful and, of course, Bob's favorite...we can't really smell unless we're right on top of it.