Monday, January 25, 2010

tiny apartment living @ its best

Okay, we rent a small two bedroom apartment and the living room sucks, there are doors everywhere! It doesn't leave many options for rearranging...ever.
I still love my apartment though! ...Well, mostly.

Anyway, to those of you who are blessed and live in wonderful houses with all kinds of space this just looks like a plan old, dark and dingy doorway. Buuuuut, to those of us who do not, this is the perfect 37" x 9" x 7'

...craft storage area!

A bin (mostly for height, I can't really easily access it), a few sets of drawers, a tray (yep, the project I talked about here, that I never finished), a bulletin board, a small flower pot (just emptied because the plant died) and a few random paintings I made, but never had anywhere to hang.

Align Right

In addition, a bag I purchased and never used and a few organizers from my luggage. Because lets face it...I can't afford to go anywhere, so you know they'll never be used!

All that = the best poor (wo)man's craft "room" ever! I LOOOOVE it! It makes doing things so much easier! My craft table is about 5 feet from here in the living room, so it's perfect!

P.S....I decided, after my struggle with the modge podge and the tray didn't work out, to just double stick tape some paper onto the bottom for now. Haha.

P.P.S....I would also like to add, that this is not a fire hazard or anything! The doorway is wide open so exiting is possible. The bins/drawers only overhang on the door a few inches and are not in the way at all : )

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Lia said...

Until my daughter moved out I don't think I had much more space than you in my dinning room, which is the single most used room in the house.It is used for a dinning room, office x 2, study for the kids and a craft room.

Now the daughter has gone I have her room as my craft room, but I have done less work in there than when I was squashed into a tiny space.
There's something to be said for having your own space to work in, you've done a lovely job of organising yours.
Much love Lia xx
ps polenta biscuit post is up.