Monday, January 25, 2010

I have always wished, wished, wished I were better with words.

For some people, writing and speaking flows so beautifully.
For me, it's more like I'm skiing down a black diamond hill covered with moguls and I only have one ski.
(as I'm sure you have noticed while reading my blog)
I know that if I were to write, read, correct, read, correct, read
and then finally hit post, things would a little sound better.
I am just not that patient.
I am a I want it now(!) kind of person.

We all have our talents and writing is definitely not mine...funny
that I decided to start a blog then right?!
Yea, I think it's a little strange too.

Check out my friend Vic, I've always been mega jealous of her patience to write, read, correct, etc. and have amazing ways to say things!

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