Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Little Things

It amazes me how the simple things in life can make me
oh so happy these days!

Vic and I went Christmas Clearancing the other day and
I found these amazing jars and bottles!
Aren't they great?!

They were originally filled with cookie mixes
and hot cocoas...I LOVE THEM!
I wanted to go back and buy more, but I controlled myself!
We don't need that many and Bob would
probably think I was crazy if I had gotten more.

Now I just need to make cookies sometime
since I have three packets of mix!
I'll have to invite friends over for
cocoa and cookies sometime soon : )


Lia said...

Love the newest look. Really sweet.
I think you better get your friends round for cookies and cocoa soon as it's only 6 days to your big detox. Failing that get one of your friends to take the jars away and have it and your friends over after you have done. I know it would be to tempting for me to have them in the house.
The dilemma's of being a girl!!!!!
much love

LacyHolly said...

Thanks Lia! This look is going to stay awhile this time! I couldn't get the last one to match as well as I wanted.